New Members


I just completed online sign-up, what do I do next?

  • Decide what class you’d like to attend (schedule link) and come at that time, as soon as your sign-up and payment is complete.  You can start as soon as the same day if the class time has not passed.

What to bring your first day:

  • Yoga mat
  • Water
  • Towel (for sweat)
  • Expect to bring weights after a consultation with a GrindTime staff member regarding what level weights to bring on your first day.

What time should I arrive?

  • Class starts promptly at the scheduled start time (schedule link).  The door is closed and locked 15 minutes after class start time and will not be opened after the 15-minute grace period.

What to expect during class?

  • Classes are geared towards strength, conditioning and muscle definition.  Classes are a mixture of weight training and body weight exercises.  

How long is each session?

  • Classes are between 45-minutes and no longer than one-hour.

Can I bring my children?

  • Feel free to bring children along with a quiet toy and if bringing electronics, please bring a set of headphones.
  • If your child is an infant or toddler, GrindTime has equipped a station that safely fits a standard car seat where your child can sit in front of you during workouts.

What can I expect on my first day?

  • Expect to have a brief consultation with a GrindTime staff member

What does my membership get me?

  • Your membership gets you virtual and in person classes

How do I log into virtual class?

  • Virtual login instructions will be sent to your email
  • Expect to be weighed-in and measured
  • Meal guides are discussed during the consultation

How will GrindTime keep track of my progress?

  • Each member is weighed in and measured every two-weeks to keep track of your progress.  

How do I keep in touch, or connect with other members outside of the gym?

  • Please join the GrindTime Fitness Facebook group (include link)

How and when do I renew my membership?

  • On your first day, you will be provided with a membership card that reflects your renewal due date.