Grindtime Fitness



Welcome to GrindTime Fitness. We are officially back open. We’ve changed a few protocols due to Covid. When you sign up, you’ll be emailed a class time selection sheet from the team. That is where you pick your class time. Keep in mind that this is the only class time you’ll be able to come to. This helps us keep track of who’s in each class in case there needs to be notification of Covid contact. We believe in keeping our members safe and healthy. Not only that, but we’ve created a touch-free experience. It is our desire that you do not have to touch anything during your entire class experience. That even means the front door. Due to the touch-free method, we need you to purchase a pair of dumbbells to your strength level. This limits the need to touch what others have touched. Our team fully sanitizes the facility after each class. 

If you’re a person who may be a little apprehensive to come to a group class right now, you can join virtually and workout with John. He trains at 6am virtually Monday through Friday. If you can’t workout at 6am, the video stays up for 24 hours to view at your convenience. If you need physical only, we offer that at 6am, 9am, and 7pm as well. 6am class is always taught inside the gym. 9am class and 7pm classes are taught outside for the summer to give everyone more space. If you need both virtual and physical classes, there’s a package for that as well. Children are allowed! Children 5 and up are 10.00 at the door. EVERYONE must show up masked up. Now that we’ve covered all of that, click that JOIN button and pick the package that suits you best!


Mr. Grindtime